About Us

About Us

Our Vision

Recognised throughout Hawke's Bay as the hub for volunteer excellence

Services we provide

Referral Service
We connect volunteers and businesses with community organisations, and support community organisations to engage volunteers.

Provide training
Our annual conference provides knowledge and skills about volunteer management, IT knowledge, capacity building, and more.

Mentoring Support
We have a wide range of expertise available from various professionals to support you in governance, management and volunteer management matters.

Advice and Information
We provide information about volunteer management, recruitment, rights and responsibilities, code of practice, etc.

Promote Volunteering
We look out for new trends, connecting with other volunteer centres to learn about best practice and legislation.

Celebrate Volunteering
We coordinate events to acknowledge and celebrate the importance of volunteers and volunteering, including National Volunteer Week, International Volunteer Day and International Manager Day.

Volunteering happens everywhere. We have extensive networks of organisations and stakeholders to create great connections within the sector.