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Youth engagement in community development and well-being is crucial for building a thriving society. Young people possess unique perspectives, energy, and creativity that can drive positive change. By involving youth in decision-making processes, their needs, concerns, and... Read More
We are super excited to announce Be The One, a radio series in which we interview, discuss and promote local organisations and all things to do with volunteering within the Hawke's Bay community. Thursday 9am on 104.7FM (Radio Hawke's Bay) or you can listen to this or... Read More
Here is another free online workshop brought to you by our friends at Volunteering Waikato and presented by Luke Smeele, the Senior Legal Educator at Community Law Canterbury. The seminar will focus on the different legal steps you can take under the civil law to deal with... Read More
No matter the reason, whenever chaos, mayhem and destruction occur, we also get to witness powerful examples of the human spirit. From individual acts of heroism to entire communities rising up to support one another, whenever it happens, it is a warming reminder, that depsite... Read More
The issue of gender in the workplace has become a political hot potato and a talking point in whichever sector you work in. Traditionally, the non-profit sector has been heavily represented by women in both volunteer and managerial roles. But as gender stereotypes are being... Read More