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I’m Nigel, from Fire and Emergency. I’m based in Napier and Hastings, but I work across the district, from Eketahuna right up to Wairoa. I’m the Community Risk Manager. My role is to reduce the risk so that we don’t have anyone injured in a fire. You don’t just put out... Read More
I’m Allison, and I have a role in Fire and Emergency New Zealand in risk reduction – I work as part of a team locally here in Hawkes Bay. My journey started in 2008 as someone who wanted to help in my community and someone who wanted to challenge themselves – so I just went to... Read More
We are looking for a small group of volunteers to help us contact local businesses and organisations to encourage them to register with Civil Defence so that the local emergency database is as current and updated as it can be. Thursday 28th October from 9.30am. CLICK HERE... Read More