Employee Volunteer Programmes are Great for Business & Community

7 August 2022

Employee volunteer programmes make an impact on the business and community. When a company engages employees in its philanthropy programme, it communicates that you value their input and their stake in the company’s goodwill. Volunteer programmes are essential to leveraging assets and giving back.

Volunteerism is an excellent way for any size company to give back. Whether a solo entrepreneur or a large corporation, an employee volunteer programme is necessary for several reasons. The most important reason is that it gives employees a stake in the company's giving and can even improve employee morale.

An employee volunteer programme doesn't have to be complex and time-consuming. But, it should be leveraged against other assets for giving, which determines how you build this programme. The employee volunteer programme must also have the systems to be successful and effective. If you are thinking about establishing a company-wide employee volunteer programme or are a solo entrepreneur and want to include time as a way to give back, here are six easy steps to create an employee volunteer programme.

1. Align volunteer activities with the company-giving mission. Volunteering should not be done on the fly or without consideration. Creating a branded giving programme that sends out your message about what you care about is essential. Take the time to select volunteer activities that closely align with your giving mission statement. Choosing activities that align with your giving mission generates the most significant benefits for the company, employees and the community.

2. Develop a volunteer programme structure and policies. Written and communicated policies around volunteering keep the programme focused and easy to manage. It lays the groundwork for what the company will do and how it will do it, and when recognising employees for their volunteer time, it keeps the process fair.

3. Leverage volunteer activities against other assets the company has to give. You need to know how much time you can afford to give back. Time is weighed against in-kind donations, cash contributions (including matching gift programmes) and loaned expertise.

4. Communicate your volunteer efforts. Communicating your giving programme generates enthusiasm within the company and goodwill within the community. The results and actions of your volunteerism are linked to public relations and marketing efforts internally and externally.

5. Reward engaged employees. Nothing speaks louder to employees than appreciation for what they do. Establishing a recognition programme inspires others and is a great way to say 'thank you for their contribution to the overall company giving programme.

6. Measure and evaluate. You don't know your volunteer programme’s success unless you take the time to assess it. Volunteering is all good, but this is the only way to determine true success. Employee satisfaction with the programme and whether it meets your overall mission are some areas to measure.

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