Volunteer Excellence Awards

3 June 2022

Volunteer Excellence Awards

We’re delighted to announce that nominations for the 2022 Volunteer Excellence Awards are open. Let’s acknowledge and celebrate the hard work and commitment — the excellence — of your volunteers. These awards recognise the enormous contribution volunteers are making to our communities and how we could not do without them.

Nominations 3 June–15 July 2022
Announced 8–14 August 2022

You can register and download all the details here:

There are a number of catergories to which people, business and organisations can be nominated for:

Covid Response Award
This award recognises the diversity in the community of organisations that have contributed to the wellbeing and welfare support to lessen the pressure on our Welfare and Health systems and prioritising the vulnerable.

Individual Award
The Individual Award recognises and honours an individual whose voluntary work has made an outstanding contribution to the organisation and the communities that they are volunteering in.

Youth Award

The Youth Award recognises and honours someone who is under 25 years who has made an outstanding contribution through his/her volunteering.

Team Award
The focus of this award is on the excellence of teams undertaking projects, services and programmes within an organisation. These may be the regular services of an organisation or a finite project.

Business Awards
We want to capture the impact that employees and businesses have when engaging with the community.

Governance Awards
This award is for Trustees on boards and/or committee members. Nominations for this award can be for individuals or for the whole board or committee.

You can register and download all the details here: