Caring Caller

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St John
Social Support

Connecting people who need a friend, with people who have time to listen and chat
Calling clients regularly to offer support and a friendly voice over the phone
Our Caring Callers reach many people every year. We ensure our clients are matched with callers who have similar interests and who they feel comfortable talking to. A Caring Caller does not provide medical or helpline services.

Over the phone support

It's easy to become isolated when partners and friends pass on or when family members don't live close by. And if you're unable to get out or you're unwell, it can be hard to meet people. Just having someone ask about your day can make all the difference to how you're feeling. Looking forward to a good conversation can really brighten up the day.


Excellent communication skills Sensitivity towards those who are sick. A friendly, caring and compassionate personality. A genuine interest in the well-being of others

Time commitment:

Flexible able to work from home

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