Youth Representative for Relay for Life Event

Your role is about communication and engagement with youth participants and teams. You will ensure that young people are involved in Relay for Life and introduced to the work of the Cancer Society. You will also oversee all pre and post youth related activities.
• Attend committee meetings; prepare a progress report
• Develop a strategy to increase youth involvement in Relay for Life
• Make presentations to local schools and youth groups; work with other committee members to network in the community and grow the number of youth teams
• With the Event Lead and Team Recognition Lead, ensure that new youth teams are mentored and a process is in place to support achievement of income and mission-related goals
• With Entertainment and Activities Lead, develop activities that will draw youth to Relay and provide a positive experience for them
• Monitor youth teams and participants at the event; ensure that any needs/issues are addressed in a timely, safe and professional manner.
• Meet every youth team captain, say ‘thank you’.
• Co-host a post-event wrap-up for youth, both to thank them and to ask for their feedback and suggestions
• Report on outcomes and provide recommendations to the Event Lead for future events
• Take part in pre and post event planning sessions
• Be on site as needed at Relay and/or organise appropriate coverage
• Recognise and thank teams, team captains, volunteers, sub-committee and supporters
• Record all relevant contact details/notes and pass on to staff partner; take part in pre and post event planning sessions as required


This would be a great opportunity for someone looking to add events and marketing to their skill set or someone who could be looking at studying Marketing and Communications.
Additional committee requirements and planning to lead up to the event.
Vaccination requirements to be discussed with the Cancer Society Volunteer Coordinator.

Time commitment:

Additional committee requirements and planning
The event is to be held on Saturday March 12th 2022 from 10am to 10pm

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