Volunteers to assist the National Dog Agility Competition 2021

National Dog Agility Competition
Team size:
15 - 36
Weekends through the day
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The National Dog Agility Club is prepared to pay $500.00 per day to a cause or organisation of your choice.
The roles include: Lead Runners to take the dogs around the course of a 40 x 30m ring to the finish line.
The other role is to pick up the rails if a dog knocks the rail off its stand.
I am sure for animal lovers this would be a great way to spend some of your holiday time as well as fundraise for a cause or organisation.
An additional fundraising opportunity over the weekend is to provide food for our competitors and spectators. Opening at 8am - 8pm this may also suit your group. The sales go to you. They currently have Hangi meals and Heavens Bakery organised. Alternatively, if you know a food truck vendor/caravan let them know. They will not be charged for their spot.
Volunteering Hawkes Bay will endeavour to provide additional volunteers for any gaps during the rostered times.


Morning sessions for each day 8.45am to 12.30pm - $250.00
Afternoon sessions 12.30 - 4pm -$250.00
All day commitment $500.00 all to a cause.
Please note thei event is held over our Hawkes Bay Anniversary Day and Labour Weekend so only those interested need apply.
Many thanks

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