Harmful Digital Communications Act Seminar

11 October 2021

Harmful Digital Communications Act Seminar

Here is another free online workshop brought to you by our friends at Volunteering Waikato and presented by Luke Smeele, the Senior Legal Educator at Community Law Canterbury.

The seminar will focus on the different legal steps you can take under the civil law to deal with various kinds of harassment, bullying or intimidation. This includes harassment by strangers in the community through things like stalking you or sending you threatening letters or alternatively harassing you via texts, emails or online posts.
The seminar will explain when serious cases of harassment or bullying can amount to a criminal offence, so that you can lay a complaint with the police.

In conjunction with Volunteering Waikato by Zoom on Thursday 11th November 10am-11.15am

To register email coordinatormc@vmsc.org.nz.
Registrations close midday Tuesday 9th November